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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Alexander Schaefer, the artist behind the "burning banks" series, was arrested Monday afternoon, the LA Weekly reports. The arrest of the artist whose popularity skyrocketed in the height of Occupy LA came less than two weeks after the clash between LAPD and Occupy protesters at the "Chalk Walk" demonstration.
Headless Giant Arrives In New York
Let's Do The Time Warp
Andy Warhol Made A BMW?
Yes, There Is Art In Montana
Peter Mandel: Reality Bites: Why Are So Many Readers Obsessed With 'Realism'?
Give us escape-craving readers a break, I say. Since when did fiction -- whether on a screen or in a ream of pages -- hinge on the quality of its imitation?
Melissa Webster: Fluke: Keeping Fanzines Alive
So as I began this journey into musical discovery a little over a year ago, it isn't surprising I'd eventually stumble upon the various rock music fanzines passed among the truly devoted, featuring the latest kick-ass bands who'll never make it onto mainstream radio and some of the musical icons who did
Robert Storr: MOCA and the Art of Being Unreasonable
The urgent task is to save MOCA while it is still possible. Anything less will be a tragedy for Los Angeles in its struggle to match London, New York, and the cities of the future in Asia and the Middle East
C. M. Rubin: The Global Search for Education: Art in Education
"Drawing and painting are not just about producing beautiful objects. They are also about learning to look, and to learn to look is to learn to understand."
Lanie Zipoy: Interview With Indie Theatre Stalwart Rochelle Denton
There is no greater champion of indie theatre -- all theatre, actually -- than Rochelle Denton (and her son Martin Denton), who founded and runs The New York Theatre Experience, Inc. (NYTE).

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