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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
According to some social scientists, the older we get, the more our personal ethics matter. It probably has something to do with the desire most of us have to wrap things up here on Earth on a good note. I mean, who wants to face Judgment Day as a lousy tipper or as someone who intentionally left the shopping cart where it would dent the Mercedes parked one spot over?

Yet the perception is that the older people get, the crankier and more self-absorbed they become. So which is true?

Perhaps a little of both.
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Marlo Thomas: Sally Ride: Reaching for the Stars
I once interviewed astronaut Sally Ride about her remarkable achievement in being the first American women to voyage into space. She was modest, of course, speaking about it as if anyone could climb on top of 30 stories of gleaming rocket, then ride 7 million pounds of thrust into the deep blue horizons above Earth.
William S. Becker: The Ethical Practice of Torch-Passing
As the leading edge of the baby-boom generation reaches the traditional torch-passing age, the tradition is obsolete. The mores, norms, and behaviors of past generations have left the torch in far too poor a condition to pass in good conscience.
Judith J. Wurtman, PhD: The Struggle to Stay Fit
Don't give up. Don't allow breaks in your routine to become permanent. Don't be frustrated if progress in running faster or lifting heavier weights is slower than when you were 20 years younger.
Robert Teitelman: The Looming Retirement Crisis and What to Do About It
Your expenses (beyond health care, which is a big issue) decrease in time as energies flag. You don't have college costs; your food bill declines. Why does this matter?
Carolyn Bucior: 7 Boomer-Oriented Inventions That Would Improve Life

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