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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
BEIRUT -- Fierce clashes flared for a fourth day Tuesday in Syria's commercial capital of Aleppo, showing the resilience of a rebel assault on regime targets.
Check Out China's New 'City'
Soldiers Go On Trial For Hazing After Recruit Kills Self
16,000 UNIDENTIFIED: The Nameless Victims Of Mexico's Drug War
Chavez Picks A Favorite In U.S. Elections
Hooting, Cat-Calling Parliament To Decide New Sexual Harassment Law
Steven Strauss: Euro Crisis: The German Approach Is at Least Partially Correct
Aside from the risk to the German taxpayers, a failure to come out of this crisis with real reforms sets the stage for an even bigger debacle at a later date. The Germans deserve commendation for their commitment to a united Europe.
Rajan Menon: Why Are Beijing and Moscow Backing Bashar?
The tide does seem to have turned in the long war between Assad's forces and a motley, but increasingly potent, insurgency. What explains China and Russia's decision to back a regime that's begun to look like it's living on borrowed time?
Michel Gabaudan: As Region Scrambles to Shelter Syrians, Israel Shuts the Door
Syria's border with Israel is the last national boundary that refugees so far have not crossed seeking safety, and to close this potential avenue of escape is unconscionable.
Doug Wilson: Romney Abroad -- Back to the Future
As Mitt Romney prepares to depart for his overseas visits, there are some questions worth raising to which voters being asked to make him Commander-in-Chief deserve an answer.
Kambiz Behi: Russia's Growing Economic Influence in Europe and Beyond
Covering an area more than five times that of the European Union (EU), if Russia has its way, the 'Eurasian Union' (EAU) will serve as a de facto bond between the nations of the former Soviet Union, and could come to rival Europe in terms of economic importance.

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