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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Conrad Black says it would heap "insult upon injury" to strip him of membership in the Order of Canada over U.S. criminal convictions when no Canadian court would have found him guilty of the same charges.
Bill Maher Attacks Bob Rae.. Again
Why Can't They All Just Get Along?
Canada's Crime Rate At Lowest Level Since 1972
Ford Asks Harper For Help Fighting Guns
Will Ottawa Allow The Nexen Deal?
J.J. McCullough: The Media's Straight-Shootin' Approach to Gun Violence
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpg Friday's monstrous, senseless killing spree in Colorado obviously sucked the whimsy out of the news cycle this weekend, and even a cynic like me must concede that the Canadian press has largely responded with a rarely-seen abundance of dignity and restraint. There have been no obnoxious editorials about gun control, no ill-timed rants about Canadian superiority in the face of "yet another" symptom of American dysfunction.
Peter Worthington: Batman Massacre is a Crime Unique to Democracies
There are several reasons why America hosts most of the recent mass slaughterings. While such incidents can happen anywhere, they are most prevalent in free, or democratic countries. In autocratic or repressive regimes, mass killings by explosives are for political reasons - Chechen terrorism in the Moscow theatre bombing or the Beslan school massacre. But not random, mindless slaughter. There is no logical way to prevent such massacres in a democracy.
Christopher Sands: Will Khadr Come Between Canada and the U.S.?
A request for additional information by Canadian Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews last week has created doubt as to whether Canada wants Khadr back. Some Canadian observers have suggested that a bilateral row over Khadr is brewing and could generate a full-blown crisis in the U.S.-Canadian relationship. Washington officials can certainly understand the headaches that Khadr's repatriation may cause, and why any country would be reluctant to welcome home a terrorist. No one in Washington blames Ottawa for Khadr's crimes, and no one here should blame Ottawa for leaving Khadr to serve out his time in U.S. custody.
Sheryl Saperia: When Multiculturalism Becomes a Threat
Multiculturalism has veered off course when those responsible for our safety -- a major threat to which is Islamist terrorism -- are reluctant to use direct language to describe that threat. This does not mean that Islam itself should be presented as the driver of terrorism; such a position is unequivocally inaccurate and bigoted. But law enforcement officials must be properly and candidly briefed on the role of religious ideology in some strains of terrorism.
Hassan Arif: What Other Cities Can Learn from Toronto's Sprawl
Toronto's downtown has become an increasingly desirable place to live with a recent RBC-Pembina poll showing that 81 per cent would choose a smaller house if amenities such as shopping and mass transit were accessible by walking and if commutes to work were short. Are there any lessons here for New Brunswick?

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