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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
The mosquitoes biting into my shoulder blades must be the kind without the anesthetic in their saliva. They linger with such confidence. It seems they must know that there is no way I can slap them without taking my hands off the gunwales of the 80-pound wood canvas canoe I am carrying. My shoulders ache from the weight of the boat and my right foot is sore from the rock that's been lodged in my boot since the beginning of the portage. On top of that, it's a scorcher. I am sunburned from several days of paddling on the open lake and each drop of sweat feels like a needle in my skin.

Maybe this isn't the typical way to begin a story about faith -- especially since my story is one of joy rather than suffering.
3 Brothers, 3 Priests
The Story of Patriarchy and HIV/AIDS: 2 Samuel 11:1-15
WATCH: Miracle Recovery For Young Aurora Shooting Survivor Thanks To 'Defect' In Brain
Short Arctic Nights A Challenge For Fasting Muslims
PHOTOS: Ramadan Around The World
Kevin Miller: Jerry Newcombe Doesn't Just Get Hell Wrong; He Gets It All Wrong
What a surprise: An evangelical leader takes advantage of a tragic situation to utter foolish and insensitive remarks designed not to comfort the afflicted but rather to remind us why he and his people are right, and the rest of the world is wrong.
Robert Fuller: How to Keep Your Balance When There's No Place to Stand and Nothing to Hold
It's the essence of models that they're works in progress. The idea that models can change, and should be expected to yield their place of privilege to better ones, has been surprisingly hard to impart.
Rev. Seamus P. Finn, OMI: The Imploding Banking Sector
If you are on the House Financial Services Committee or the Senate Banking committee or one of the regulators for the numerous corporations that operate in the financial services sector, you have had very little down time this summer.
Chava Tombosky: We Got This: A Story of Hope and Courage in the Face of Cancer
When walking in to the Feldman's home, one can't help but notice the challenge they face. And yet, their home, now thrust in a cacophony of crisis, has energy of hope, optimism and unconditional love pulsing through its veins.
Rabbi David Wolpe: Cain, Colorado and the Divided Human Heart
Don't call the alleged Aurora murderer a monster. Do not separate him from the human family. It is too easy, to self-satisfying, to simply condemn him and be done with it.

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