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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
A recent study by international ocean advocacy group Oceana revealed that nearly a third of the seafood being sold in South Florida is mislabeled.
Restaurant Blames Groupon For Its Demise
McDonald's Testing Deep-Fried Chicken Wings
Largest U.S. Food Distributor Pulls The Plug On Gestation Crates
Greek 'Yogurt Bars' Open As Craze Continues
Presidential Chefs Swap Recipes For World Diplomacy
Adam K. Raymond: Marketing the Munchies: How Fast Food Companies Target Stoners
winking and nudging is typical in the emergent genre of ads aimed at stoners, a once taboo marketing approach recently embraced most blatantly by the fast food industry.
So Good: Five Guys Breakfast Reviewed
When they say "Five Guys Breakfast," what they really mean is "Five Guys Plus Eggs," because they just added eggs to their menu and re-appropriated their existing hamburger toppings into breakfast sandwich ingredients.
Food & Wine: America's Best Ice Cream Sundaes
If I decide I need more fat and calories in my sundae, it's going to come in the form of a brownie base, or more hot fudge, not bacon.
Menuism: Boudin and Cracklins in Cajun Country
In small towns across South Louisiana, one of life's challenges is catching a whiff of a fresh fried batch of pork fat and skin and trying not to stop. Cooked fresh every morning in corner stores, bags of crunchy, golden, greasy nuggets tempt the senses.
Ross Szabo: A Fun Way to Discover Wine Aromas With Items Already in Your Kitchen
When tasting in the past, everyone's nose seemed better than mine, like they had an inside secret I would never know. I felt like I had some kind of impairment that would never be cured.

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