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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
OAKLAND -- Locally-owned businesses along Oakland's Telegraph Avenue flew green flags outside their storefronts Monday afternoon in solidarity with several hundred protesters outside nearby City Hall speaking out against President Barack Obama's recent crackdown on medical marijuana.

"We are here today to send a message so loud that not even the president will be able to ignore it," Steve D'Angelo, director of Oakland's Harborside Health Care, which calls itself the "nation's largest dispensary," told the crowd as it erupted into cheers.
Should The City Of San Francisco Pay For Gender Reassignment Surgery?
WATCH: Kreayshawn's Latest Video Is Like Being At The Mall On Acid
Alameda Sticks It To Big Pharma
WATCH: San Francisco General Hospital Releases 'It Gets Better' Video
Sean Martinfield: The Wizard of Oz Meets the San Francisco Symphony
The film will be screened in High Definition and -- NO! -- this is not the sing-along version. It is as close as we'll ever get to actually being with Herbert Stothart and to his experience of matching music with action.
Zagat: 10 Neighborhood Gems of San Francisco
Most people generally don't venture this high up on Noe Valley's 24th Street unless they're heading to the park with their dog, but Brad Levy's neighborhood fixture Firefly has consistently been packing in the locals for almost 19 years.
Jakada Imani: I Am an Oakland-American
It's true: like many cities in America, we've been struggling with the effects of unemployment and low-wage jobs for years. The economic downturn has hit us hard, but today, we are holding our heads high.
George Heymont: Telling Harrowing Tales About Child Abuse
2012-07-22-20120628dalevertical.jpg Black N Blue Boys/Broken Men is a deeply disturbing and powerful one-woman show written and performed by Dael Orlandersmith.
Youth Radio -- Youth Media International: Obama Visit Comes With Mixed Response and Expectations
Fresh from a visit to Aurora, Colo., a town still reeling from the shooting spree at a movie theater over the weekend, President Obama is at a political fundraiser in Oakland, Calif., a city accustomed to weekly, and sometimes daily, reports of deadly gun violence.

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