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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Get ready for an onslaught of guilty feelings about healthy eating this summer -- as London's Summer Olympics starts up this week, we can not only look forward to idyllic images of the British countryside at the opening ceremony, but also a nuanced description of athletes' meal that will make even the most mindful eater feel humbled.

Not that it's all Brussels sprouts and beets in the Athlete's Village. McDonald's, one of the Games biggest sponsors, has included a 24-hour restaurant right where the athletes are eating, and the UK head of the chain, Jill McDonald, has predicted it will be the busiest area, according to an interview with the UK Sun.

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Jocelyne Robert: How Surgery Turns Women into Fembots
All over the world, we're slipping towards uniformity. A new "perfect" face, born of the research of cosmetic surgeons, will become the absolute ideal of beauty. The human face has become a construction site. We sculpt human flesh like we did the stones for Mount Rushmore. What kind of sense of identity can we have with a body that has no link to the original me?
Lisa Belkin: When You Are The Parent Of The 'Monster'
While there are (thank God) few parents who have watched their children branded as serial killers, there are (tragically) too many who can identify with another kind of parenting hell -- watching your child spiral toward insanity.
Jay Ingram: Curing Alzheimer's: A Piece of the Puzzle
Thirty years ago a scientist named Stan Prusiner coined a new word -- prion -- which turns out to be a protein molecule that's misfolded. In many neurodegenerative conditions, something triggers misfolding. If you can interrupt that, then you stop the formation of plaques. If you stop plaque formation in a human brain, you could prevent Alzheimer's, or at least delay it.
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If you've been following our recaps, you'll know that we weren't too keen on either of Emily's final two suitors -- Jef the teenager and Arie the slobberer -- but it seems that, in the end, Emily made the right choice for herself and Little Ricki.
Charlotte Singmin: Five Simple Ways to Eat Like a Vegetarian
When it comes to vegetarian eating, many people are intimidated. It's a common misnomer that plant-based meals take more time to prepare, and are lacking in taste and nutrients. In fact, this couldn't be further from the truth. Use these five tips to add a little veggie love to your routine!

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