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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
A tattoo is supposed to be something you'll be proud to display for the rest of your life, so what better to immortalize on your body forever than your favorite comedian?

Comedy is serious business for the 30 people below who each got their favorite comedian's likeness tattooed. While some are funnier than others (honestly, who can look at Brick from "Anchorman" without laughing?") and some are definitely less regrettable than others, all of them offer a glimpse into just how much comedy has affected peoples' lives.
Stewart, Colbert Re-Up With Comedy Central
Seinfeld Returning To His Roots
WATCH: This Guy Makes Tucker Max Look Gentlemanly
WATCH: 'Creeper' One-Ups Sexy Athlete's Warm Up
Lianna Carrera: Comedy vs. Being the Bully
There's a difference between comedians and the bullies, and we know it. Comedy remembers responsibility to something, and most of time that is to a sense of decency, timing, and place.
Barbara Rose Brooker: Drop
I'm on my knees. My hand slides along the bathroom tile, picking up nothing but dust and hairballs. Where are the pills? The bottle?
Evan Shapiro: TV Made Me Gay
While fictional TV characters cannot alter the sexuality of a viewer, campaigns of hate can influence thoughts and emotions, especially amongst young kids. These mothers put out their poisonous message, and somewhere, some kid believes that being gay is bad.
Danny Groner: Uptown Showdown: Debating Absurdity
Every six weeks or so, Symphony Space hosts a mock debate that brings together five or six of New York's finest comedians to butt heads in a debate focused on everything from the traditional "Cats vs. Dogs" to the practical "Fashion vs. Comfort" to the absurd "Day vs. Night."
David Fagin: No More Lou's in the Loos: It's Time We Do Away With Men's Room Attendants Once and for All
The one place on earth you think you're going to be left alone, the bathroom, turns out to not only be a place where you're forced to engage in completely unnecessary small talk, but one where you're expected to reach into your pocket as well.

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