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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
What's worse than "the heartbreak of Psoriasis?" The heartbreak of separating from your significant other after one, two or three decades together. It's got to be emotionally draining. Dr. Phil can't be everywhere. (And don't count on Taylor Swift to write a song about breaking up with a partner after being together for over 15 years. Give her 30 more years and we'll see.)

Celebrities are the population at large that we hear about when it comes to breakups (not Jane & John Doe so much unless they're our personal friends or next-door neighbors) so let's run down the list of post 50 celebs who bailed out of their relationships after 15 -- or more -- years together.
Why Living Together Is Different In Your 50s
11 Foods That Help You Age Gracefully
My Plan To Get Rid Of My Boomerang Kid
The Infuriating Letter I Received After My Husband Died
When To Take Social Security To Maximize Benefits
Jeff Whelan: Joe Strummer's Legacy
Joe Strummer, the frontman for the legendary rock n' roll band The Clash, would have turned 60 years old this month. He died suddenly of an undiagnosed heart defect 10 years ago this December, but is arguably more relevant today than at the height of his popularity.
Laverne H. Bardy: Weighty Situations
I'm allergic to many foods. Soon after eating them, I break out in fat.
Sharon Greenthal: Why Hope Springs Is Hot
if you've been married for a long time there will be something in Hope Springs that makes you nudge your spouse and say "ha -- just like us!"
Charles Karel Bouley: 50 for 50: A Wakeup Call at Half a Century
I'm 49, will be 50 on Nov. 7, 2012 (yes, this year). I've had a weight problem my entire life -- losing it, keeping a lot of it off, gaining some back. The American way.
Amy Ruhlin: I Want My Cool Back
I want her to know that I was not always a middle-aged mom with over-processed hair and fluctuating hormones. I want her to know that her Dad did not always have goofy dance moves.

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