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Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012
There are four things everyone will tell you about divorce: 1) It's a descent into hell; 2) it's better than a bad marriage; 3) you need to put the kids first, and 4) it's less costly if you use a mediator.

But here are five things no one mentions:

  1. Other marriages aren't that great, either. A friend who recently ended a 30-year marriage said wonderingly, "One cousin offered a quick 'I'm sorry' before starting to quiz me on the logistics. Which spouse was moving out? Was my lawyer a hardass? How did we tell the kids? It turned out he was only a month or two behind me."
America's Oldest Professional Jockey Fights To Keep Racing
'Top Gun' Director Takes His Own Life
Alzheimer's Journal: My Partner's Stunning Reaction To Old Photo
Why You Lie...And Why You Should Stop
John Lennon's Killer Up For Parole For Seventh Time
Jill Blakeway: Sexless Marriage? The Ancient Taoists Can Fix That For You
I've talked with thousands of people about their sex lives. I've heard over and over about how much sex people are not having, how they just don't feel like it, how they are too tired to think about it. I'm always happy to be able to tell them there are simple solutions available.
Deborah Sumner: Fear And Grief: My New Normal
My fear is that I lost more than my mom; I lost an ally, a protector, a counselor, and a confidante. Even though she's not physically here, she's still a huge part of who I am.
Carolyn Bucior: An Unorthodox Tip for the College Bound and Their Parents
The 18-year-old who suddenly finds himself between sets of friends, the 30-year-old stay-at-home parent who has lost work relationships, the 65-year-old who has not replaced lost connections due to illness, death, retirement and geographical moves, and the empty nesters, like me, can all experience the pain of loneliness.
Michael Sigman: Elvis 40 Years Ago: In the Press-ence of The King
As a cub reporter for the trade magazine Record World, I got to cover one of the most thrilling music-related events of that spring -- Elvis's press conference at Madison Square Garden on June 9th, just before his first-ever New York performances.
Art Markman, Ph.D.: How Can We Get You to Save for Retirement?
Perhaps the biggest source of human misery is the tradeoff between short-term and long-term goals. That is why we eat that piece of cake instead of dieting. It is also why we spend our money now rather than saving for retirement.

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