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Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012
There's something a little "off" in the way your partner has been acting lately. You're starting to wonder if they're cheating on you.

There are some clues, but you're not sure if they mean what you suspect they mean. They're spending less time at home, have become a sudden workaholic, are taking their phone calls in private or aren't sharing as much about their day with you as they used to. When you question them about why they're being so secretive and distant, they snap back at you, usually with a logical explanation. "I've got a special project at work." Or they accuse you of snooping, being paranoid or not trusting enough. They make you feel guilty for even bringing it up.
Famously All-Male Golf Club Adds First 2 Female Members
Phyllis Diller, In Her Own Words
INFOGRAPHIC: Are Men Or Women More Likely To Vote?
How Many Dates It Takes To Say 'I Love You' ... If You're A Sugar Daddy
WATCH: This All-Girl A Capella Group Is AMAZING
Nina Camp: My Dirty Little Pole Dancing Secret
In class, I lead with my body. In real life, I move at an oblique angle towards things I want and I remain distressed, guarded and surprised when anything romantic comes my way.
Claire Bidwell Smith: What You Don't See in My Instagram Photos
Every day I take photos. I capture little moments of my life and post them on Instagram. The bright, blue California sky. My two girls holding hands. But they don't tell the whole story.
Pamela Kripke: Why You Shouldn't Cross State Lines for a Blind Date
I didn't have to actually agree to make the trip, of course. But he was a neurosurgeon. Potential dates who are not neurosurgeons get less leeway in the gender tango.
Bonnie Fuller: Kristen Stewart Shouldn't Be the Cheating Scandal Scapegoat
Kristen Stewart may have made a big mistake but she's taking far more heat than Hollywood's male cheaters.
Deborah Sumner: Fear And Grief: My New Normal
My fear is that I lost more than my mom; I lost an ally, a protector, a counselor, and a confidante. Even though she's not physically here, she's still a huge part of who I am.

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