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Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012
Sleeping Beauty isn't the only one with problems between the sheets. If you look closely, a number of Disney characters, with their funny idiosyncrasies and dramatic musical numbers, display classic symptoms of disrupted and disordered sleep!
LOOK: What Happens To Your Body When It's Hot Outside
20 Ways To Stand Up To Cancer
GO NUTS! 6 Health Benefits Of Walnuts
7 Tips That Fitness Pros Live By
Russell Bishop: Politics: Is There A Way Past Blame And Upset?
At both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, The Huffington Post will again sponsor The Oasis, a sanctuary from the madness where delegates and journalists can take a break from the stress and rigors of political angst.
MeiMei Fox: How To Get Fit While Staying Happy
In the last six weeks, I have lost several pounds, an inch of fat off my belly, and two inches off my hips. I've also gained serious muscle tone in my arms, shoulders, quads, and abs (hello, six-pack!).
Thomas Carson Mark: The Best Place To Unplug (And Recharge)
Live performance offers much more than just a period of turning off our cell phones -- it offers an experience of an entirely different order.
Melissa Van Rossum: Be Authentic: Checking In With Others Can Save A Relationship
Authentic self-development and confidence empowers a belief in one's self. And any kind of puffery will wither you to the core over time, leaving you alone and frightened.

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