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Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012
"Let's see if I can get us killed," Sebastian Thrun advises me in a Germanic baritone as we shoot south onto the 101 in his silver Nissan Leaf.

Thrun, who pioneered the self-driving car, cuts across two lanes of traffic, then jerks into a third, threading the car into a sliver of space between an eighteen-wheeler and a sedan. Thrun seems determined to halve the normally eleven minute commute from the Palo Alto headquarters of Udacity, the online university he oversees, to Google X, the secretive Google research lab he co-founded and leads.
Epic Patent Trial Over iPhone Tech Wraps Up
It's Not All Doom And Gloom
The End Of The Mouse Click?
T-Mobile Backs Gay Marriage In Washington State
Josh Klenert: Huffington Magazine: 10 Lessons From the First 10 Issues
As we publish our 10th issue of Huffington magazine and in anticipation of our September 10th Design and Tech Meet Up in partnership with SPD, here's a snapshot of lessons learned developing and publishing a new digital-only magazine.
James Riley: Rescuing the Reality From Virtual Reality
When the iPad came along, instead of the stylus, the new modality is touch, whether to pinch, scroll or "click." So how should a brand think about this whole "touch" revolution? Touch is a powerful and special thing. There are five easy steps to consider for both tablet and smartphone development.
William B. Bradshaw: Texting, the Next Epidemic: Our National Well-Being Is in Jeopardy
I'm not suggesting that everyone should stop texting or that our youth should spend all of their time in libraries reading and studying. We need a realistic solution grounded in awareness and balance that will last over the long haul.
Robert J. Elisberg: The Writers Workbench: Portable Power -- The Sequel
One of the challenges in a battery-powered world is keeping track of all the cords needed for recharging. Not only storing them, but remembering which cord goes with what device. A number of companies have jumped into the fray to address the issue.
Belinda Parmar: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (Review)
Tablets are exciting, there's no doubt about that. Everyone wants one and, supposedly, 50 million people have one. So, when the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) arrived on my desk, I ripped it open, didn't I? Well, not quite.

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