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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Although the America's Cup Finals won't take place until 2013, San Francisco will get a significant taste of the action this week at the America's Cup World Series Regatta--a warm up to next summer's finale.

A quick glance at the schedule of events suggests that "warm up" may be an understatement. This week's activities span five days, and include racing, a free Dr. Dog concert, an AT&T Park "sail-by," around-town viewing parties with hotel and drink specials and a sprawling America's Cup Village on the Marina Green, complete with a history exhibit, a big screen viewing station, live commentators and wine and champagne lounges all week long.
Nancy Pelosi: 'It's Okay To Eat Ice Cream While You're Riding A Bike'
Local Slaughterhouse Shut Down After Disturbing Video Surfaces
RUDE! LA Transplant's 'Five Reasons Why SF Is America's Worst City'
Great Whites Spotted Near The Bay
Phil Angelides: The Unrepentant and Unreformed Bankers
These days, the business sections of newspapers read like rap sheets. Money laundering. Price fixing. Bid rigging. Securities fraud. Talking about the mob? No, unfortunately. Wall Street.
Party Earth: The Most Romantic Date Spots in San Francisco
Whether you are a San Francisco native, a longtime resident, or a weekend visitor, this city has some of the best romantic spots to share a special anniversary, impress a first date, or even take the plunge and propose to your significant other.
Richard Barrington: Bank Fees Survey Mid-2012: Checking and ATM Costs Jump Again
Nearly any way you slice it, checking accounts became a little more expensive in the first half of 2012. However, the results also indicate that consumers still have several options for combating these costs.
Nico Lang: 13 Things You Can Do Instead of Missing Someone
You can't hide forever. So, you should start learning to channel your feelings and get them out in healthy ways, that don't involve making Facebook statuses about how lonely you are right now.
Lisa Mirza Grotts: Digital Invitations and Cards
Some of us might not be comfortable sending invitations online, but whether we like it or not, welcome to the new world, the digital world. Here are some common questions and answers that may offer solutions to some of your digital quandaries.

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