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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Police in Ontario say they have identified a victim whose body parts have been found scattered in different locations around the Toronto area.
Promoting Quebec Sovereignty On Canada's Dime?
Number Of Canadians Travelling Abroad Hit Four-Decade High
GOP Platform To Call For Ban On Abortion With No Exemptions
11 Surprising Facts About Jack Layton's Life
None Of The Above: Why Aren't Quebec Anglos Voting?
Marvin Ross: Why is Health Canada Still Allowing Quack Medicine to be Sold to Dangerous Psychotics?
Alternative medicine may have led to death in the case of Jordan Ramsey in Vancouver. Ramsay murdered his father, Donald Ramsay, and severely injured his mother while in a schizophrenic psychotic state. He had stopped his prescription medication at that time in favour of a vitamin product, Empowerplus ® (EMP). The real culprit, however, may actually be Health Canada, which seems to have been unable to enforce the law. According to Health Canada, Empowerplus® is still not authorized for sale in Canada because of the health claims associated with the product. Yet we need to know why it is still for sale now. Especially LeeAnn Ramsay, the sister of the murdered man.
Brennan Aguanno and Anna Kemp: Leave The Emotions At The Door When House Hunting
An article in The Atlantic entitled "The 11 Ways That Consumers Are Hopeless at Math" reveals how businesses use fact and psychology to persuade shoppers into making purchases they normally wouldn't make. They're tricks some Canadians face at the mall, the car dealership and even the grocery store. But what about the housing market? Are Canadian house hunters having the wool pulled over their eyes? Whether you're buying, selling or just window shopping, here are three things to consider.
Eve Ensler: Dear Mr. Akin, I Want You to Imagine...
You used the expression "legitimate" rape as if to imply there were such a thing as "illegitimate" rape. Let me try to explain to you what that does to the minds, hearts and souls of the millions of women on this planet who experience rape. It is a form of re-rape.
Craig and Marc Kielburger: From the Slums of Kenya to Buckingham Palace
The 13 members of the Slum Drummers -- nine men and four women -- pulled themselves from lives on the streets of Kenya's most desperate slums to perform with instruments made from trash on stages around the world -- including for the Queen. Now they're using their music as an instrument of hope, reaching out to street kids in the communities they came from.
Reive Doig: B.C. Missing Women's Inquiry Budget: Who Is Prostituting Themselves Here?
Compare the budget for B.C.'s Missing Women's Inquiry (approaching $7 million) and the amounts charged by those working for the commission with what's spent by frontline charities like WISH and PACE that actually work with sex trade workers in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Senior commission counsel Art Vertlieb billed the province $483,741 for his work on the inquiry. If you put that together with the $482,139 billed by associate counsel Karey Brooks and her law firm you could fund WISH, with its $900,000 budget, for an entire year, and still have enough left over to fund PACE for a season.

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