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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Research In Motion has fallen so far, so fast that its BlackBerry devices now account for only one per cent of web traffic in North America, and the company will soon have less U.S. market share than the little-used Windows Mobile platform, according to two new research reports.
Calgary Creators Of 'Minority Report' Screen Face Canada's Innovation Gap
WATCH: The End Of The Mouse Click?
Canadian Travel Abroad Hits 4-Decade Record
Mark Carney Apologizes For $100 Bill Race Gaffe
Texas Prisoners Fed Pet Food, After Horrible Labeling Gaffe
Brennan Aguanno and Anna Kemp: Leave The Emotions At The Door When House Hunting
An article in The Atlantic entitled "The 11 Ways That Consumers Are Hopeless at Math" reveals how businesses use fact and psychology to persuade shoppers into making purchases they normally wouldn't make. They're tricks some Canadians face at the mall, the car dealership and even the grocery store. But what about the housing market? Are Canadian house hunters having the wool pulled over their eyes? Whether you're buying, selling or just window shopping, here are three things to consider.
Phil Angelides: The Unrepentant and Unreformed Bankers
These days, the business sections of newspapers read like rap sheets. Money laundering. Price fixing. Bid rigging. Securities fraud. Talking about the mob? No, unfortunately. Wall Street.
Krizia: This Woman Launched a Successful Business in her 50s...and You Can Too!
Ava Bise clearly shows it's never too late to get into business for yourself since she launched YouBar in 2006 with her son Anthony when she was in her mid-50s! The company creates the yummiest custom-made protein bars on the planet! What impresses me the most is that Ava redefines what being a female Baby Boomer means -- she's active, fit and she started a business at an age where most think of retirement. She took what others would consider a huge risk, but in true entrepreneurial spirit she fearlessly took a great idea to market!
Raymond J. Learsy: America's Increased Reliance on Saudi Oil Manifests the Bankruptcy of Obama's Energy Policies
After nearly four years in office, that the United States is even more dependent on Middle East oil is shocking testimony to the failure of the Obama Administration's energy policies.
Joseph F. Coughlin: Will Robot Cars Get Stuck in Policy Traffic?
Even after the considerable technological development is complete, it is unlikely that any of us will be jumping into our robotic roadster anytime soon. The technological barriers are likely to pale in contrast to the policy, market, and consumer challenges to the driverless car.

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