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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
Logitech has solved one of the last remaining Holy Grails of tech: a keyboard you can wash under a tap.

Okay, perhaps it isn't up there with a cure for the common computer virus. But it is pretty nice - especially since a keyboard has more bacteria on it than the average toilet.

The Logitech K310 (£34.99) is submergible in up to 30cm of water with no ill effects, and features drainage holes for "speedy drying".

Logitech says: "Laser printing and a UV coating ensures this keyboard can take a washing as well as a pounding. The durable keys, robust tilt legs and increased resistance to surface scratches makes the Washable Keyboard one of the toughest on the market."

The keyboard is designed for Windows computers, and runs off a standard USB connection.

The keys are said to last up to five million bashes each - probably enough to retype the entire Game of Thrones series, if that's your mission.

It will go on sale in Europe from October.
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