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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
OAKLAND, Calif. — Former Cy Young Award winner Bartolo Colon of the Oakland Athletics was suspended for 50 games Wednesday after testing positive for testosterone.

Major League Baseball made the announcement one week after All-Star game MVP Melky Cabrera of the San Francisco Giants received a 50-game suspension following a positive test for the same substance.
NFL Star Open To Trade As Holdout Drags On
Mets Shut Down Star Pitcher
WATCH: 'Money' Mayweather Earns His Nickname
MLB Ump Helps Save Life At Ballpark
WATCH: Metta World Peace Visits 'Yo Gabba Gabba'
Jordan Schultz: Andy Murray Faces Golden Opportunity at 2012 U.S. Open
As Andy Murray prepares for his eighth U.S. Open, it would be accurate to say his career has been mired in a combination of excellent tennis and impeccably poor timing.
Katie Redford: Human Rights Violations Cast a Dark Shadow Over the London Olympics
The stories behind gold medal triumphs are always front and center on the Olympic stage, celebrating hard work, dedication, and courage, and inspiring millions. But this year, there's a different gold medal tale that has gone untold.
Morris W. O'Kelly: Augusta National: Color Me Unimpressed
If we are going to appropriately acknowledge this moment, let it be done in its correct historical context; not with a heaping of praise. Women as members of Augusta National was praise-worthy 40+ years ago. It's a footnote in 2012.
Chad Barr: Three Point Stance: Two Views on Chad Johnson and the Dolphins
Is there a more polarizing figure in the National Football League than the once-named "Chad Ochocinco"? And were the Dolphins correct in letting him go? Here's our take, from deep in the heart of Dolphins Country.
Dan_Weiss: Toward a New Olympic Games: Anything Goes in Rio
Let's stop sweating the details of who doped and who didn't. As the sun fades from the London Olympics let's look forward to an even more spectacular games in Rio.

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