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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012
When President Obama addressed the National Council of La Raza at its annual convention last summer, he laid out his efforts to enforce the nation's "flawed" immigration laws in a "humane" fashion, and then followed with what was supposed to be a laugh line: "Now, I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change the laws on my own --"

Before Obama could finish, someone shouted, "Yes you can." Soon, more than a dozen others joined the chorus to rhythmic applause. For a few seconds, the president said nothing. He offered a weak, irritated smile to this group of mostly Latino community organizers, civil rights activists, policy wonks and political operatives.
Puerto Rico Votes On Plan To Amend Constitution
Art By Child With Autism Featured At National Exhibition
New York International Latino Film Festival 2012: Closing Day Preview (VIDEOS)
Ricky Martin Brings The Laughs To Jimmy Fallon Show, Spoofs Own Role On General Hospital (VIDEO)
Mamas Latinas: I am the Face of Illegal Immigration
I count myself among those who are affected by this new policy because even though I'm a U.S. citizen today, I didn't start out as a legal immigrant when I came into this country.
Judith Browne Dianis: Upheld Pennsylvania ID Law Leaves Voters Voiceless at the Polls
With all these holes in Pennsylvania's voter ID law, exposing it as illogical and disenfranchising, perhaps one can understand Aichele's "I don't know" evasions. But this law simply cannot stand, and we will take our case straight to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.
Al Norman: Wal-Mart Discloses "Nada" in Mexigate Bribery Case
Wal-Mart now has until August 28 to become transparent. For a company that says it has no gray areas, Wal-Mart remains a remarkably opaque company. Only a business with something to hide would stone-Wal Congress this way.
David Bier: "They're taking our medals!"
Driving away job creators and innovators does not make any more sense than driving away potential Olympic medalists. If America's immigration laws force Manzano and those like him out of the country, we will lose more than just another medal...

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