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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012
Drivers are being hit with the biggest one-day jump in gasoline prices in 18 months just as the last heavy driving weekend of the summer approaches.

As Hurricane Isaac swamps the nation's oil and gas hub along the Gulf Coast, it's delivering sharply higher pump prices to storm-battered residents of Louisiana and Mississippi – and also to unsuspecting drivers up north in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.
World's Richest Woman: 'Spend Less Time Drinking And Smoking' And You'll Be Rich
Why You're Not Actually Poor
Unemployment Rate On The Rise In Half Of U.S. Cities
Fees Now Easier To Read About
10 People Who Are Getting Ahead Of You At Work
Leo W. Gerard: One Percenters Buying Themselves an Aristocracy
2012-08-28-scblog2.png Way before the 2010 Citizens United ruling, 1 percenters were working on a takeover. If the 99 percent don't stop them soon, don't establish some sort of separation of wealth and state, then the nation will lose its founding precepts.
Amy Rosenbaum: The Problem With Closing Tax Loopholes
2012-08-28-scblog2.png Closing tax loopholes requires standing up to the special interests that benefit from them. That is hard to do when you are closely associated with those same wealthy few in order to raise money for your election.
John R. Talbott: The Ethical Investor: Wall Street Ripoff #1 - Providing Nominal Returns, Not Real Returns
In speaking with my financial advisory clients, I find the most misunderstood concept is the difference between nominal returns and real returns. And Wall Street brokers and bankers are very quick to take advantage of this situation.
Kevin Yu: Life After Debt: The Other Half of the Battle
Stare debt in the face and be honest with yourself. You shouldn't be ashamed of once being in debt, it happens to the best of us. So why do people fall into debt?
Joe J. Wilson: Recent Grads Face the Real World of Money Management
Think about what your living situation might be for the next few years. Will you live with your parents, with one or more roommates, or by yourself?

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