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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
Economists often can't agree on where the economy will be headed next week, let alone where it will be 38 years from now, so predictions about the state of the world's wealth in 2050 should be taken with a grain of salt.

But a new study from Citigroup and property consultancy Knight Frank predicts that all four of the wealthiest countries in the world in 2050 will be in Asia.
Carney Likely To Get A Chilly Reception At CAW
Large, Unexpected Drop In Retail Sales
Four Major Canadian Papers Disappear Behind Paywall
Will Apple's Empire Crumble Like Microsoft?
Wealthy Less Charitable Than Middle Class: Study
Rachel Décoste: Bank Of Canada Apology: All Talk, No Action?
After much indignation from Canadians, some who do not fit the "neutral ethnicity" the Bank of Canada's P.R. team had seemingly invented, Bank governor Mark Carney, offered a carefully worded statement this morning. Though the governor "apologizes to those who were offended," admitting that "the Bank's handling of this issue did not meet the standards Canadians," there were many points missing from the statement. The Twitterverse is abuzz about the underlying problems in Canadian society which proclaims allegiance to multiculturalism.
Martin Ford: How Will China Employ Its Factory Workers After the Robots Come Online?
In the U.S. (as well as in other advanced countries), workers shifted out of manufacturing and into the service sector -- which now accounts for the vast majority of jobs. Will China be able to pull off the same transition?
Paul Banwatt: Cut the Bank of Canada Some Slack!
On Monday, Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney apologized to those offended by the Bank's handling of the design process of its latest $100 bills. It seems to me that the Bank always had good intentions, even if terribly executed. Given the feedback, it isn't surprising that the Bank reconsidered using the image. If they had left it, they were stuck with a bill that some found offensive. It was lose-lose. My two cents? Stick to pictures of animals.
Dominique Karg: Why Justin Bieber is the Only Hope Left for Information Security
I recently had an eye opening experience. My wife confessed to me, in tears, that she liked Justin Bieber's music. She asked for forgiveness, as I walked out of the room mumbling some unrepeatable curse words.
John W. Whitehead: The Corporate Surveillance State: How the Thought Police Use Your Cell Phone to Track Your Every Move
Advanced technology now provides government agents and police officers with the ability to track our every move. The surveillance state is our new society. It is here, and it is spying on you, your family and your friends every day.

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