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Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012
OTTAWA - Each of the last six summers, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has journeyed to the North, sprinkling throughout its remote communities promises of federal funding and development.
So About That Science, Harper...
Hospital Scenes In Layton Movie Hard On Olivia Chow
PQ Mum On Separation At First Debate
WATCH: Stunning BC Video Fires Back At Enbridge's Flawed Ad
Pipeline Dead To Him
David Frum: What Paul Ryan Could Learn From Stephen Harper
Many Canadian commenters are drawing comparisons between Republican heartthrob Paul Ryan and Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Some parallels do exist. Both are men of strong convictions; both gained prominence at relatively young ages. More important than the similarities, however, are the differences.
Peter Worthington: And the Next Chief of Defence Staff Is...
The scramble is on in the military for the next Chief of Defence Staff -- the highest rank in our military and the one who commands, controls, administers the Canadian Forces, and implements the defense policies of the government. Whoever becomes the new CDS is going to have a thankless job of ensuring that the military remains effective despite an insufficient budget, limited updated equipment, and with reduced numbers in the Armed Forces.
Donald D'Haene: Canadians are Excited to Vote... in the U.S. Election
A poll by the Canadian polling company Environic and co-sponsored by the CBC found 15 per cent of Canadians would have given up their ballot in Canada's '08 federal election to vote in the U.S. election. I get it. I'm so uninspired by our Canadian political leaders it's not even funny.
Nora Loreto: The Real Threat to Quebec's Heritage Is Not a Hijab
In the election, the xenophobic comments and party promises such as banning religious symbols among public service workers all say, very clearly, that to truly be a Quebecer, you must be Francophone, white and Catholic. Bonus points if your family descended from the Filles du Roi. This is textbook intolerance and xenophobia.
Rachel Décoste: The $100 (Bill) Question: Is Canada's Multiculturalism a Farce?
The xenophobia from the Quebec election spilled over to the rest of Canada today when it was revealed that the Bank of Canada, our country's central bank, chose to carve out all hints of diversity from its $100 bank note after heeding to discriminatory judgements from focus groups. As Canadians born with names a rural Quebec mayor cannot pronounce and with facial features unfit for a Canadian bank note, it is high time Canada acknowledge its long legacy of divisiveness and address its ugly remnants in order to move forward to the pluralistic vision of our beloved country we have yet to fully achieve.

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