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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Six people were killed in Chicago on Saturday, tying Feb. 19 for the most homicides in one day since the beginning of 2012.

Four of those victims were teenagers. During that same weekend, at least 36 people were wounded in shootings across the city.
Dramatic Testimony Allowed In Drew Peterson Murder Trial
Minivan Crashes Into House, Injuring At Least 7
Hotel Sued Over 'Significant' Bed Bug Infestation
PHOTOS: Titi Monkey Born At Lincoln Park Zoo
WATCH: Chicago Young Republicans Take On 'Call Me Maybe'
Fathom: 10 Chicago End Of Summer Musts
Many locals will tell you that summer is the main reason -- the only reason -- we stick it out through Chicago's long and brutal winters.
Robert Bullen: The Fall of the House of Usher Turns a Classic Into Creatively Creepy Camp
Welcome to the House of Usher, where not everything is as it seems and you may find yourself buried alive if you're not careful.
Wendy Widom: Journey of a (Mom's) Sex Toy
Yes, I -- a married mom -- took a sex class. The teacher was very gung-ho about mechanical apparatuses, and since she seemed to know her stuff and I'm an ambitious student, I thought, 'why not?'
John Malik: Coffee Cans and Bacon Fat
Paul Fehribach isn't interested in coffee that comes in a can but he certainly knows how to use a coffee can. At Big Jones, he is recreating the type of homestead cooking that his great-grandmother pioneered at her family farmstead along the Buffalo Trace.
Nico Lang: 13 Things You Can Do Instead of Missing Someone
You can't hide forever. So, you should start learning to channel your feelings and get them out in healthy ways, that don't involve making Facebook statuses about how lonely you are right now.

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