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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Apple followed in Microsoft's footsteps this week to usurp the Redmond giant's top spot as the most valuable company in history. Is Apple doomed to repeat Microsoft's mistakes?

While experts remain optimistic about Apple's future, they predict the strength of the Apple empire could be undermined by potentially unrealistic growth expectations, its to-be-determined success moving beyond devices for our pockets and purses and its skill leveraging 400 million iTunes accounts into a broader payments system. They also note that in the tech industry, the number one rule is "always expect a new number one."
You'll Never Guess What We Use Our Smartphones For The Most
Verizon And AT&T Would Never Do This
Is This What The iPhone 5 Might Look Like?
Meet Google's Secret Weapon
Susan Crawford: More Than an Appliance: Verizon, the FCC and our Digital Future
For the connection speeds Americans will need to work, study, build the next great company or just watch the next great movie online, more than 75 percent of us will have just one choice: the local cable monopolist.
Martin Ford: How Will China Employ Its Factory Workers After the Robots Come Online?
In the U.S. (as well as in other advanced countries), workers shifted out of manufacturing and into the service sector -- which now accounts for the vast majority of jobs. Will China be able to pull off the same transition?
Craig Aaron: AT&T: Pay Me, Screw Net Neutrality
To use your phone to make video telephone calls, which could reduce the amount of voice minutes you need to buy from AT&T, you'll first need to pay AT&T more money for less data and unlimited voice minutes. What if you actually need more data? Get out your wallet, sucker.
X PRIZE Foundation: Forget the Euro Crisis and the Supreme Court -- the Future Is Better Than You Think
We are living in a time of unprecedented opportunity.
Brian Rooney: Facebook: A Desperate Need to Be 'Liked'
Facebook's stock has fallen to less than half its opening-day price. It's like the beautiful girl in the senior class who thought a dozen guys would invite her to the prom and none of them did.

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