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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
While we all enjoy basking in the sunshine during the day, we can't say we're fond of the sweaty sleepless nights that follow them after hours.

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Have You Tried 'Alternate Day Fasting' Diet Yet?
Is Semen Good For Your Health?
Would You Eat Appetite Suppressing Yoghurts?
50 Shades Of Grey Leads To Surge In Naughty Films
Computer Game That Teaches First Aid (PLAY)
Ronan Keating: Why I'm Still Angry About My Mother Dying From Breast Cancer
My mother died on 2 February 1998, from breast cancer - she was 51 years old. I come from a family of five, me being the youngest, with three older brothers and one sister. We grew up in and around Dublin and in many ways were a typical Irish family. Our Mother was our rock - her passing left a huge hole in the lives of us kids and my dad. To see her gradually succumb to breast cancer, despite the bravest of fights, left us questioning everything we thought was fair and right with the world.
Peter Stringfellow: Why University Isn't the Be-All and End-All
By not having good results, it changed my life entirely by leaving me to make my own decisions to go where I wanted, when I wanted and how I wanted. The freedom of doing what I wanted to do was a great spur.
Alistair Coleman: Military Fitness: Just Say NO
You pay your money, stand in a field, and a man in a vest with a wispy moustache shouts at you for an hour. While this happens, your body is forced into all kinds of unnatural positions known to acolytes of the craft as "the press-up", "the star jump", the "run to the fence and back MOVE!" and - I shudder at the memory - "the burpee".
Tom Pearce: In Praise of Essex
Five days a week, 52 weeks a year, the hard-working commuters of Essex flood into London's financial Square Mile and the towers of Canary Wharf to help keep the wheels of the British economy turning. Let me put it this way: Essex is a county of entrepreneurs, risk takers and dreamers.
Lana Citron: Life and Fate
The continuing trials of an accidental mother...

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