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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
On Tuesday, Republican party platform drafters agreed to include language calling for a foreign guest worker program that could provide more American businesses with a font of legal and willing employees.

Also included in the platform is a call to complete a border fence along the U.S.–Mexico line, an end of in-state tuition for undocumented students, a ban on policies that create sanctuary cites, and mandatory use of the e-verify database. Sanctuary cities are communities where police and other public officials are generally prohibited from inquiring about the immigration people's status unless absolutely necessary, while e-verify is a federal database used to verify workers' eligibility to hold a job in the United States.
Fox News Host Issues Warning About 'Deferred Action'
Negative Perceptions Have BIG Impact On Immigration
Hayek: 'I Hardly Had Any Memories Of What It Is To Be Mexican'
Ethnicity and Identity Play A Role In The Mental Health Of Young Latinas
Yoani Sanchez: Terabytes... Slipping the Bonds of Censorship in Cuba
With a lack of information channels not under the strict supervision of the State other paths also arise to exchange, buy and sell foreign television programs, music and films. In a dizzying variety and quantity.
Michelle Chen: A Dream Deferred?
The Obama administration made a careful political calculation when it offered Deferred Action. Now it's time for DREAMers to cautiously weigh their fears against their dreams. Temporary relief from deportation could open the door to more exploitation of young immigrants.
Adolfo Abreu: A Mama's Boy Speaks From the Heart About Caregiving
My mom raised me (and did a pretty fantastic job, I might add.) Now she's devoting herself to caring for her own mother and grappling with the profound, everyday challenges of someone living with Alzheimer's.
Pedro Garcia: Chilean Paradoxes: LGBT Rights in Latin America
The paradoxes, advances, and setbacks of LGBT human rights in Latin America are perhaps nowhere as clear as in Chile.

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