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Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012
In an unusual move, Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney apologized on Monday for bank note changes that prompted critics to accuse the central bank of racism.

The initial design for the new C$100 note featured a picture of an Asian woman but this was scrapped after focus groups expressed concern Asians should not be the only ethnic group represented.
Too Poor To Divorce
10 Things Marriage Counselors Don't Want You To Know
Cell Company Billed Dead Man For Months
Put On Some Clothes!
6 Things Cheaper Than The Cost Of Child Care
Ellen Bravo: New Government Figures Confirm Huge Gaps in Access to Paid Leave
We have no quarrel with executives getting paid sick days. But the workers who clean their office, deal with their customers, and guard their building should have them as well.
Heather Rosen: Helping Vets Make Sound Business Bets
As Labor Day gets close, it's a time to remember those struggling to join the workforce, for military personnel returning home. The franchising industry is committed to helping returning veterans.
Nancy Colier: Death by Cheesecake: A Day at the Mall
Excess and emptiness, the perfect American submarine. These sparkly spaces are designed to pump us up, make us feel more alive, and yet the lived experience is one of enervation and death.
Blake Boles: Rethinking the Promise of a College Degree
A statistical average provides meaningful information about a population, but not an individual. Just because many people find financial security through college doesn't mean you must also.
Richard Barrington: Bank Fees Survey Mid-2012: Checking and ATM Costs Jump Again
Nearly any way you slice it, checking accounts became a little more expensive in the first half of 2012. However, the results also indicate that consumers still have several options for combating these costs.

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