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Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012
Thomas Kinkade, the popular artist who passed away earlier this year from a drug and alcohol overdose, has been consistently popping up in headlines since his death. However, this time the news is about his art, rather than the controversy surrounding his estate.
Happy Birthday, Eero and Eliel Saarinen!
Art Duo Depicts Life On Mars
Rock Star Conductor's Newest Release Might Surprise You
Uganda's First 'Gay Play' Debuts, Amid Government Objections
'Einstein On The Beach' Is Back, For The First Time In 20 Years
Michael Kaiser: What a Difference 12 Years Can Make
When I left the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden in December 2000, fundraising was still considered something rather distasteful by many in England. Fast forward 12 years.
Joey DeAngelis: 'True Blood' Recap: War Is On The Horizon In 'Sunset'
I'm moderately surprised at what little happened in "Sunset," the penultimate episode. This hour was actually pretty tame save for some few compelling scenes.
Rudolph Herzog: War Jokes: Humor In Hitler's Germany
Almost everyone has heard of classic films such as Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator" and Mel Brooks' post-war satire "The Producers", both of which poke fun at the Nazis. What is less known is that hundreds of political jokes circulated within the "Third Reich" itself.
Robert Bullen: Redtwist's Chilling The Glass Menagerie Makes Williams' Classic Well Worth Revisiting
Redtwist Theatre's intimate, heartbreaking and darkly humorous production of Tennessee Williams' deeply personal masterpiece, A Glass Menagerie will haunt me for quite a while.
Catherine L. Tully: Never Stand Still: A Jacob's Pillow Documentary
Never Stand Still is a documentary about Jacob's Pillow, home of the longest-running international dance festival in the United States. Affectionately dubbed "The Pillow," this national historic landmark has a complex and fascinating history.

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