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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Change the Top Google Search Result for Your Name for Free
Now You Can Color the Jawbone Jambox as Loud as It Plays
You Can Control This Multicolored Light Bulb From Your Smartphone [VIDEO]

Looking for a Dual-Sim Android Phone? Acer's Got One
5:44:36 AMStan Schroeder
Acer has announced two Ice Cream Sandwich-powered smartphones -- Liquid Gallant and Liquid Gallant Duo. The two devices are actually the same except for the dual-SIM feature on the Duo, which makes this mid-range phone much more interesting. With...

Change the Top Google Search Result for Your Name for Free
5:34:07 AMTodd Wasserman
Norton appears to be branching out from standard security into reputation management. The company has introduced a new tool called Norton Top Search that lets you control the top search result for your name, for free. To change your top search...

Canon's New PowerShots Are Fast and Curious
5:00:31 AMPete Pachal
Like to snap quick close-ups of things far away? Canon's latest PowerShot cameras were made for you, with the ability to zoom in close, focus fast and shoot pictures in rapid succession. The PowerShot SX500 IS and SX160 IS are both "super-zoom"...

Now You Can Color the Jawbone Jambox as Loud as It Plays
5:00:25 AMPete Pachal
Jawbone made a name for itself selling Bluetooth earpieces that looked cool and actually worked, then took that knowledge to wireless speakers in the form of the Jambox. That could be why the Jambox is selling well, and is now the best-selling...

Maxthon 1.0 Takes on Safari and Chrome for the iPhone [HANDS ON]
4:52:12 AMStan Schroeder
One of the up-and-comers in the web browser market, Maxthon, was previously available only on the iPad and as a desktop browser. The new version, 1.0, also works on the iPhone and the iPod touch, making it a fresh alternative to iPhone's native...

The Anti-Instagram: Normalize Gets Rid of Hipster Photo Filters
4:28:43 AMZoe Fox
Warning: a new app can make you look more pimply and less hipster-chic. That is, if you've come to associate how you look in real life with Instagram-filtered 70s-inspired photos of yourself. Normalize, a new iOS app from developer Joe...

Solar Power Station Claims to Charge Your Phone at Outlet Speeds
2:07:27 AMAnita Li
A new tool uses the power of the sun to charge up your electronic devices. The SunVolt Solar Power Station is a portable charging platform that will convert the sun's rays into an outlet-free charger for your phone, tablet or digital camera. On a...

The Most Popular Freelancer Apps for Work-Life Balance [INFOGRAPHIC]
Monday, August 20, 2012 8:45 PMSamantha Murphy
There are 42 million freelancers in the U.S. alone. Although the beauty of being a part of this large group is that you can call your own shots -- from having a flexible schedule to picking the best workspace for your style -- juggling multiple...

You Can Control This Multicolored Light Bulb From Your Smartphone [VIDEO]
Monday, August 20, 2012 6:41 PMEmily Price
A new gadget will let you see your favorite room in a whole new light, literally. Called Bluetooth Bulb, the RGB bulb can replace any traditional light bulb, and can be controlled over Bluetooth via your smartphone. Giving you more than just the...

Samsung's New Galaxy S Duos Can Run on Two Carriers Simultaneously
Monday, August 20, 2012 1:46 PMEmily Price
Samsung announced the Galaxy S Duos on Monday, the newest addition to the company's Galaxy smartphone lineup. Sporting a design similar to Samsung's popular Galaxy S III smartphone, the Galaxy S Duos comes with one feature not found on many...

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