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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
"You're going to hate me for saying this," says my good friend, a married mom of three, as we stand on the beach and look toward the ocean. "But you're never going to find a man. They're just not out there. No single woman I know can find a guy." She takes a breath and adds: "So you should have a baby. Do whatever it takes and have a baby. You should at least become a mother." I don't hate her for saying it. She is saying what so many others are thinking.
5 Questions You MUST Ask Before Moving In Together
WATCH: Phyllis Diller On How She Wanted To Be Remembered
Why 'Dirty Dancing' Mattered -- And Still Does
Are Men Or Women More Likely To Drink After Divorce?
8 Women We'd Cast In The All-Female 'Expendables'
Amanda Chatel: The Selfish Thing I Did On My Friend's Wedding Day
There was one glitch in this new-found fancy job that had me in daily contact with some of the most famous designers in the world: I would have to choose between Holly's wedding and Fashion Week.
Wendy Widom: Journey of a (Mom's) Sex Toy
Yes, I -- a married mom -- took a sex class. The teacher was very gung-ho about mechanical apparatuses, and since she seemed to know her stuff and I'm an ambitious student, I thought, 'why not?'
Morris W. O'Kelly: Augusta National: Color Me Unimpressed
If we are going to appropriately acknowledge this moment, let it be done in its correct historical context; not with a heaping of praise. Women as members of Augusta National was praise-worthy 40+ years ago. It's a footnote in 2012.
Laverne H. Bardy: Weighty Situations
I'm allergic to many foods. Soon after eating them, I break out in fat.

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