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Friday, 31 August 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012
Vincent Kartheiser, best known for his depiction of ornery "Mad Men" exec Pete Campbell, has been an actor for the better part of his life. He grew up with five siblings in Minnesota and first dabbled in commercial acting as a child, eventually progressing to theater, television and film -- garnering a reputation for playing unfulfilled young men.

Now Kartheiser, known to have turned down many a project that didn't tickle his fancy, is bringing his signature brand of brood to the San Jose Repertory Theater for a production of Jonathan Marc Feldman's "Death of the Novel." He was hand-picked by the writer to play the lead role of Sebastian, a reclusive writer who is tortured by a traumatic past littered with the loss of loved ones. Set in post-9/11 New York City, the play expores the personality of this once-successful artist, who has resigned himself to the confines of his apartment to avoid the whims of an exterior world he can't begin to understand.
Laughing White Males Bombard RNC
'Spider-Man' Settlement Finally Reached
Art Movements Condensed Into A Single Image
Haiku Reviews Are Back!
'Being Albino You Might As Well Be A Leper'
Peter Mandel: The Weird World of Google Doubles
The Internet is a nearly infinite universe of things I do not want to know. I can usually ignore the boasts, the shards of opinion, the superfluous stuff that swirls around on my laptop. But there's one online fact that simply sticks in my craw: There are people out there who have been brazenly using my name.
Victoria Lautman: India's Lustre, Suddenly Dimmed: An Appreciation
Jaipur is the gem-cutting center of the world, and to say there are hundreds of jewelers tucked amongst the city's lively streets would be a pitiful understatement. At the top of Jaipur's immense jewelry pyramid perches The Gem Palace.
Michael Brenner: Daumier: Satirist
Daumier relished skewering the pretentious and the self-important. He did not spare those in public life who were, nominally at least. on his side of the great ideological divide.
Artwrit: dOCUMENTA (13), Kassel
dOCUMENTA's best product is not art, but belief: in the integrity of art, its creation and the cultural foundations that support the process.
Kate Ryan Williams: The C Word
There are no lists of "Uncircumcised World Leaders" like there are "World Leaders who are Left-Handed." It's simply not talked about. But I think it should be.

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