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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
SALT LAKE CITY (RNS) For some Mormon feminists, there can be only one goal on the road to gender equality: ordination to the all-male priesthood.
The Human Is A Tree Of The Field: The Quest for Rootedness
Influential Rabbi Addresses German Circumcision Controversy
The Megachurch 'High'
Onward, Christian Soldiers -- Again!
Vatican Isn't Priests' Employer, U.S. Judge Says
Mark Sandlin: Far Too Little Sabbath in the Sabbath
Sabbatical is about rest and recuperation. It is about communing with God in a restorative way. For a lot of church-going people that is not the way they would describe Sunday mornings.
Katherine Marshall: From Nunzilla to 'You Go Girl': A Tale of Sisters
The LCWR and its members are happy to see their public image shift from a nunzilla model of the stern unbudging nun to the caring teacher, professor, social worker, nurse or hospital administrator.
Michael Zimmerman, Ph.D.: Why Battling Creationism Matters: Learning to Question
Students need to learn how to ask probing questions -- and how to assess the answers they receive. Students need to learn to think critically rather than blindly accepting everything that is put before them.
R. Scott Appleby: A Mormon-Catholic Ticket?
Nineteenth-century Catholic and Mormon leaders initially pointed to the church as the primary vehicle of social welfare. But the complexity of modern economies led both churches to recognize the essential role of the state in creating and maintaining a broad safety net for the poor.
Bert Montgomery: Of 'Lights' and Soul Liberation: Confessions From a Real-Life Journey Moment
Jesus says that I am to love my neighbor as I love myself; and hating myself for secretly liking Journey has surely projected itself negatively in my relationship with others.

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