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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
The controversy over Newsweek's latest issue is continuing to swirl, and the magazine itself is coming under fire.

What might be called "l'affaire Ferguson" erupted on Sunday, when Paul Krugman lit into writer Niall Ferguson for what he deemed to be unforgivable factual errors in Ferguson's cover story for the magazine.
ABC News Forced To Walk Back Huge Story
Maddow Fires Back At GOP Over Akin's Rape Comments
WATCH: Al Roker Has A Strange Moment
Sweden Angered By Julian Assange Fight
Devon Corneal: Bump in the Road
Either Min was coming off a serious bender when she wrote her piece in the Times, or she's playing us all for fools. Min has not, as the Amazon description claims, set "out to debunk some of Hollywood's biggest mommy myths."
Dean Baker: 'Courage' in Washington Doesn't Have the Same Meaning
Last week Vice President Joe Biden did a courageous thing, he promised an audience in southern Virginia that there will be no cuts whatsoever to Social Security in a second Obama Administration.
Michael B. Keegan: Why Is Mitt Romney Outraged at Todd Akin and Not at Paul Ryan?
Mitt Romney is outraged! He's insulted! He's offended! Why? A Republican Senate candidate dared to state a position on choice that is exactly the same as that of Romney's own running mate.
Mugambi Jouet: Getting the Facts Straight on Romney and Obama
The rhetoric of the Obama and Romney presidential campaigns has recently become harsher. The media have devoted significant attention to these controversies while sometimes failing to address underlying policy differences.
Feisal G. Mohamed: The Romney Campaign's Strategic Race-Baiting
We should all have grown tired of the media cycle of fixating on a politician's remark until an apology is offered. But some remarks form a pattern worth analyzing. One pattern now clear is the racially charged political speech emerging from the Romney campaign.

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