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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
David Driscoll, who recently served as Massachusetts' education commissioner, remembers touring the state's high schools to promote a new scholarship that promised free college tuition at in state universities for top-performing students. Often by his side was a political heavyweight who was bound to increase interest in the program: Mitt Romney, then the state's governor, and now the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

"It was done under his regime, and he was very personally involved," Driscoll said, recalling the early days of the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship program, which helped students scoring in the top quarter of their districts pay for college. "He would join me in going around to certain high schools. He certainly put the bully pulpit behind it."
Karen Klein Puts $75,000 Toward Anti-Bullying Foundation
Asst. Principal Resigns, Accused Of Throwing Hamburger At Student
Graduate Claims School Failed To Protect Against Sexual Harassment
America's Math Problem: Should We Get Rid Of Algebra?
School Run By Teachers Ditches Factory 'Assembly Line' Learning
Billy Shore: Teachers on the Front Lines
If you want to know what hunger looks like in America today, listen to what the nation's teachers are telling us.
Kergan Edwards-Stout: A New Anthology of 'Letters to My Bully'
With bullying and teen suicides continually in the spotlight, I was honored to have been asked to write a preface for a new anthology, Letters to My Bully. I asked Letters to My Bully editor Azaan Kamau if she would be willing to share her inspiration for the collection.
Steve Mariotti: NFTE Solutions: A Pioneering Entrepreneurial Group Business Program for Low-Income Youth
My fundamental belief remains that the craft of small-business ownership holds the solution to creating sustainable employment for young people, particularly those in marginalized economic scenarios.
Chris Lehmann: The Public Trust
Working in the public trust must remain profound work. It has to mean an understanding that your work matters more than making widgets, and that the seriousness of purpose with which you undertake your work must matter.
David Kudler: The Power -- and Study -- of Myth
Taught under the various umbrellas of history, anthropology, literature, philosophy, folklore, religion, psychology and other disciplines, mythology is rarely recognized as its own field. To date, only one school offers a graduate program in Mythological Studies.

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