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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
A single mother of three whose body parts were found scattered in Toronto-area waterways over the past week largely kept to herself, say neighbours in the townhouse complex where she lived and in the business plaza where she worked.
Readers Remember Jack Layton
Harper's ATV Ride Irritates Locals
Large, Unexpected Drop In Retail Sales
STUCK WITH ME: Akin Refuses To Quit
Toronto Woman In Coma After Accident In Croatia
Payam Akhavan: Don't Mistake Iran's Brutality For Strength
Beyond doubt, this is the bloodiest period in Iran's contemporary history. A former political prisoner described how she was savagely beaten while six-months pregnant, while yet another spoke about a 14-year-old boy crying for his mother as the noose was put around his neck. Violence is often mistaken as a sign of strength. The exact contrary is true: Violence is the ultimate sign of weakness.
David Suzuki: Climate Change Deniers Are Almost Extinct -- But Is it Too Late?
Most North Americans know that human-caused global warming is real, even if political leaders don't always reflect or act on that knowledge. According to a recent poll, only two per cent of Canadians reject the overwhelming scientific evidence that Earth is warming at alarming rates -- a figure that may seem surprising given the volume of nonsense deniers.
Andrea Traynor: Your Kid's First Day Of School: What New Parents Need To Know's August, so inevitably just about everything, at every turn, is back to school-related. But some of us aren't sending our kids back to school -- we're sending them off to school for the first time. My first-born -- my baby boy who's actually four-years-old and no longer resembles a baby in any way except in my mind -- starts junior kindergarten in less than a month. We are so not ready.
Erin Giles: You Have Permission to Make a Difference, Here's How
It's truly inspiring to witness the many philanthropists and social entrepreneurs creating change in the world. Many of us dream of such a thing but wouldn't know where to start and may not even feel deserving of doing such a thing. As Founder of End Sex Trafficking Day, I am only one example of how one voice and one idea can make a difference in the world. Your passion can lead you to do big things, here is how...
Gillian Farber: Experiencing Reverse Culture Shock
Living and working in a foreign country far different from your own -- in my case, South Korea -- is a learning experience to say the least. My time spent in Korea was not always easy but mostly it was exhilarating and enjoyable. After spending two years there I knew it was time to pack my bags and return home. I flew back to Toronto and, surprisingly, my first few weeks adjusting to Western life was a lot more stressful and confusing than I ever could have imagined.

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