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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
We've always imagined the work of an art restoration to be a painstaking process involving highly-trained individuals crammed in the basement of a museum, slaving over old texts and using many, many tiny paint brushes. We certainly did not picture an elderly volunteer sneaking around in a church, haphazardly painting over a classical image of Jesus until he resembled less the son of God and more a furry, sci-fi creature.
Iranian Street Artists Get Political
World's 12 Best Cultural Capitals
'Give Me An Old Fence And I'll Burn The Most Beautiful Mona Lisa On It'
The Vicious Dispute Over Jackson Pollock's Last Painting
Randall Bourscheidt: Art on the Beach
Thanks to some visionary, public-minded women, New York is being treated to some stunning art in unexpected places this summer. The work is completely contemporary, but the idea has a little history.
Ryan Bassil: Review: La Route Du Rock
It's nearing 10:30 p.m., which means time for a headline set. It also means, usually, time for spotting a variety of drunkards, slewn out across the field in various states of self-exposure and disrepair. At least, it would, in England. But this isn't V Festival.
Faisal Devji: The Poetry Of The Taliban
The Taliban are known not only in the West, but in much of the Muslim world, too, for their strict conservatism rather than for any delicate feelings of humanity -- yet the poetry associated with them is replete with such fine emotions.
James Hirsch: The Soldier in All of Us
The realities of war do not go away by themselves. The nightmares and the contradictions don't disappear. And yet, in the midst of this struggle, someone decides to give an award to a commercial that celebrates the very violence our veterans can't seem to shake.
Fern Siegel: Stage Door: 'Pulp Shakespeare, Harrison, Tx.'
Shakespeare's plays are frequently staged in contemporary dress to make them accessible to modern audiences. Pulp Shakespeare keeps period garb and enlists his distinct style of language to cleverly restage Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction.

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