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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012
If you happen to see Mitt Romney talking about his time at Bain Capital, keep this in mind: The government helped him build that.

The question of who built this or that particular business is one of the tentpoles of the entire Republican National Convention, at which Romney will be speaking Thursday night, accepting his party's nomination to run for president.
World's Richest Woman Gives Normals Some Controversial Advice
Fox News Columnist: Paul Ryan's Speech Was Full Of 'Blatant Lies'
Happy Birthday Warren Buffett! Here Are 13 Adorable Photos Of You
WATCH: Krugman Blasts Paul Ryan
PHOTO: Giant Bane Puppet Protests Bain Capital
Chris Tilly: It's Anti-American to Be Anti-Union
Economists say we've lost a decade of financial progress because of the recession. We cannot afford to let progress toward our American values, including equality, similarly retreat.
David_Halperin: To Get Better Policies, Expose Corrupt Politics
2012-08-28-scblog2.png To grasp the harms caused when money dominates politics, start with for-profit colleges. It has become a monster, a league of Wall Street corporations and private equity-owned firms that get 86 percent of their revenues from taxpayers.
John R. Talbott: The Ethical Investor: Wall Street Ripoff #1 - Providing Nominal Returns, Not Real Returns
In speaking with my financial advisory clients, I find the most misunderstood concept is the difference between nominal returns and real returns. And Wall Street brokers and bankers are very quick to take advantage of this situation.
Amy Rosenbaum: The Problem With Closing Tax Loopholes
2012-08-28-scblog2.png Closing tax loopholes requires standing up to the special interests that benefit from them. That is hard to do when you are closely associated with those same wealthy few in order to raise money for your election.
Lawrence G. McDonald: Four Years Later, and a Million Miles From Safety

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