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Monday, 20 August 2012

August 20, 2012
Prince Philip Leaves Hospital After Five Nights
Tougher Sentencing For Dangerous Dog Owners 'Will Not Stop Deaths'
South American Leaders Call For Talks On Assange
Abseiling the Shard
Ffion Hague, Business Consultant Specialising in Corporate Governance and Board Evaluation and Writer/Broadcaster
70,000 Volunteers... A Success, But Now Let's Employ and Pay Them
Julie Bindel, www.TheFifthColumn The Agitator
Someone tell Stephanie Flanders - it's us Notworking folk holding up the employment numbers
Geoffrey Wadhurst, Former HR manager, now reinventing myself as a business coach with the help of networking and social media
Don't Suffer, Together We're Tougher: Rochdale Teenager Has a Message for Victims of Bullying

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