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Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012
Was that last txt worth it?

A new and in-your-face ad campaign by UK agency Blue Hive, is sending an important, yet chilly, message: Don't text and drive -- you may just end up in a freezer.

The four-part ad series, according to, features classic texting lingo like "msg," "2," and "snd" next to dead bodies with equally creepy emoticons pasted over them.
LOOK: Is This Drag Queen Barbie?
20 Ways To Help Reduce Cancer Risk
Are Toronto's Gourmet Burgers Worth It?
Is Your Digital Diet the Equivalent of Junk Food?
Health Benefits Of Beans
Jason Tetro: Is Your Anti-Bacterial Handwash Harming You?
2012-05-28-GermGuyBanner.jpgThe term "antibacterial" has been used since the 1940s but only gained a hold of the market in the mid-1990s thanks to the widespread use of the antibacterial agent triclosan. But triclosan has a dark side that has only come to light in the last decade. The scientific literature has been peppered with articles showing the potential side effects to triclosan use.
JD Halperin: When Tweets Can (Buzz) Kill
Boorish foodies are in the news! Without trying to, the casual food blogger can be flippant and cause a lot of harm to restaurants, whereas professional critics write their reviews after going to the restaurant twice. In other words, they bring nothing to the table, they just eat from it. Anybody can do that. But it must be remembered that bloggers can crush a restaurant.
Rabbi Ben Hecht: Why There's Value in Self-Doubt
When we hear stories such as Wade Michael Page, the white supremacist who murdered supremacist six Sikhs in their Temple in Wisconsin, we think of the grave travesty of hate. What I think of though is the grave and tear-filled travesty of the absence of doubt. Those who hate, as Page did, have to believe that they are 100 per cent correct in their views.
Ron Mashate: Is Your Digital Diet the Equivalent of Junk Food?
Given the speed and ubiquity of news and information in our supercharged digital landscape, digital natives appear to have developed consumption habits that match the tempo of this constant stream of content, switching from laptop screen to smartphone screen, from TV screen to Xbox console -- opening up hundreds of tabs in one sitting. But like binge eaters filling an emotional void, are digital natives merely gorging themselves on empty calories?
Minnow Hamilton: SavvyMom Roundup: Olympics, Snacks and Celebrity Obsessions
I'll begin with some final words on the Olympics. I'm sorry they are over. I miss them already. I loved watching the athleticism and courage of the amazing athletes from all over the world. I loved judging their behaviour (to cry or not to cry) when I was in no position to do so and I loved reading the commentary from other media channels.

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