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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
As Canada prepares to mark the one year anniversary of Jack Layton's untimely death Wednesday it seems fitting to remember some of the things that made the man so remarkable.
Harper Loves Gold
Who Won The Quebec Debate?
The 28 Seconds That Changed Michael Bryant's Life
Promoting Quebec Sovereignty On Canada's Dime?
Baird Gives Soft Response To Pussy Riot Sentence
Daniel Alexandre Portoraro: You've Been Raped? Well, We'll See About That
So a left-wing British MP and Republican Representative from Missouri walk into a bar... Rep. Todd Akin and the garrulous George Galloway would certainly do well to have a drink together one of these nights. Regardless of the fact they both exist on opposite ends of the political spectrum, their backwards, dangerous, women-hating views on rape are eerily similar.
Rachel Décoste: Bank Of Canada Apology: All Talk, No Action?
After much indignation from Canadians, some who do not fit the "neutral ethnicity" the Bank of Canada's P.R. team had seemingly invented, Bank governor Mark Carney, offered a carefully worded statement this morning. Though the governor "apologizes to those who were offended," admitting that "the Bank's handling of this issue did not meet the standards Canadians," there were many points missing from the statement. The Twitterverse is abuzz about the underlying problems in Canadian society which proclaims allegiance to multiculturalism.
Donald D'Haene: Canadians are Excited to Vote... in the U.S. Election
A poll by the Canadian polling company Environic and co-sponsored by the CBC found 15 per cent of Canadians would have given up their ballot in Canada's '08 federal election to vote in the U.S. election. I get it. I'm so uninspired by our Canadian political leaders it's not even funny.
Peter Worthington: It's Quality Over Quantity When It Comes To Cops
Last week The Toronto Sun reported Toronto's 5,600 police have coped with 33 murders so far this year and 141 shootings. Chicago's 12,000 cops have had to deal with 313 murders and 1,453 shootings -- both almost 10 times greater than the numbers in Toronto, with double the numbers of police on the job. The evidence is enough to indicate that sheer numbers of police are not the formula for effective police. Leadership is important and, as we all know, leadership starts at the top.
Daniel D. Veniez: While Other Parties Swerve, Libs Stay in Centre Lane
The new conventional wisdom that Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair are jockeying for "the centre" is laughable. The only objective is political power, nothing more. The Liberal Party of Canada is the country's one and only authentic centrist party. Liberals have never strayed far from the sensible and vital centre in economic, social, or foreign policy.

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