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Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012
Bill McKibben, the environmental author-turned-activist, knows his movement is troubled. But he's committed to protecting the environment, so he trudges forward, battling setbacks, death threats and what he sees as his primary enemy: the fossil fuel industry. In 2008, he launched the grassroots campaign, and last year played a pivotal role in raising public opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline project. But he's concerned he's fighting a losing battle against climate change.
Brockovich: 'Let's Stop The Bullsh*t'
WATCH: Premature Baby Donkey Dons Casts
PHOTO: Antarctica's Darkness Ends
Officials Ignore Coal Protestors' Pleas
99-Year-Old Farmer Still Working
Joshua Freed: China Laughs, New England Cries, Over Attacks on Clean Energy
The anti-Solyndra narrative obscures the facts about clean energy in the U.S. -- much of it is booming. America can win these markets, as long as we stop prematurely abandoning our own technologies and entrepreneurs.
Michael Brune: Defender in Chief
Our planet has many iconic places that need protection, and more than a few of them are right here in the United States. Time to play some defense, Mr. President.
Mark Muller: Policymakers Are AWOL on Agricultural Challenges
Taxpayer-funded Band-Aids are getting expensive and do nothing to address the structural challenges in food and agriculture.
Carl Pope: Have We Exhausted Our Other Options?
This coming generation of clean energy advocates coming out of military service is not the only sign that the US may be turning a corner. Concern about climate among the general public has spiked in the wake of the heat, drought and fires of this summer.
Anneli Rufus: Edible Bottles, Edible Bags
Harvard University scientists have developed a material that can be used to wrap, bottle and otherwise package food -- which tastes like the food it contains, and can be eaten after (or before) the food it contains.

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