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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
Should you stay together for the kids? It's a dilemma that many spouses in troubled marriages wrestle with.
Who Is Her 'Mystery Man'?
Television's Most Memorable Divorcés
The Place Most People Fear Their Spouses May Cheat
What's Driving Divorcés To Drink
Lois Tarter: 7 Lessons My Starter Marriage Taught Me
When I look back on my starter marriage, I realize how important it was; it helped shape me into the better wife that I am today in my second marriage.
The Stir: 10 Things All Divorcées Obsess Over
Here are some of the things people going through a divorce think -- some funny, some tragic, others somewhere in the middle.
Claire N. Barnes, MA: Back To School No-Brainers For Divorcing Parents
The start of school year is much more complex for divorced or blended families than intact ones.
Denise Albert: What Experts Might Not Tell You About Divorce
I'm grateful for how far my soon-to-be ex and I have come and for how much we have accomplished. But I wouldn't want to do any of it over again -- and that's in my amicable situation.

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