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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) finally took Dan Savage up on his invitation for an after-dinner debate on same-sex marriage, LGBT rights and the Bible.
Matt Barber Of Liberty Counsel: Polygamy And Incest Are 'Inevitable' If Gay Marriage Is Approved
Dana Milbank, Washington Post Writer, Slams LGBT Activists, SPLC For FRC's 'Hate Group' Label
Chick-fil-A: Novato Location Planned Despite Widespread Protests (PHOTOS)
Shaun Sperling, Bar Mitvah 'Vogue' Dancer, Says Video Has Been Muted For Copyright Infringement
Kerry Gauthier, Minnesota Rep., Vows To Stay In Race After Rest-Stop Sex Scandal
Noah Michelson: BREAKING: More Straight Americans Than Gay Americans Having 'Gay Sex'
Right-wing and evangelical pundits are ignoring one little thing: If we consider that, at the very least, straight Americans outnumber queer Americans 10 to 1, then there are many, many more straight people in this country having "gay sex" than there are gay people having it.
Erin Davies: Dear Vandal: The True Story Of The 'Fagbug'
My life changed because of another person's decision to write "fAg" and "u r gAy" on my 2002 Volkswagen Beetle. Rather than remove the graffiti, I decided to leave it on my car for 365 days and make a documentary titled, Fagbug about the adventure.
Bruce Watson: Sending My Eagle Scout Badge Back
Last week I decided to send my Eagle Scout medal back to the Boy Scouts of America in protest of their policy on homosexuality. The irony is that the Boy Scouts constantly emphasized tolerance and inclusion.
Zach Udko: The Gay Reason Why You Should Embrace This Summer's Worst Film
It's an unusual moment of moral conviction in an otherwise vapid script. Until Charlie proves himself to be sensitive to the plight of the gays, he's not getting the girl; Annie won't even kiss the lips of a man who utters "fag."
Mark Vigorito: This Is the Story of a Scar
Maybe I can stop looking at my scarred fingers as a defect. From now on, I'm going to try to view them as a reminder that I made it through those dark years that were just beginning when Isaiah slammed that door on my hand.

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