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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
AURORA, Colo. -- The Denver suburb of Aurora is asking residents what should be done with the movie theater where 12 people were shot to death last month and 58 others were wounded.
CU Professor: Firearm In Class? Session Is Cancelled
LOOK: Kelsey Grammer's Colo. Super-Chalet Still For Sale
GOP Platform To Call For Abortion Ban, No Exemptions For Rape, Incest
Colo. Senator's Advice To Todd Akin: Avoid 'Explosive Boners'
Koch Buys Himself Life-Size Old West Playhouse
Terry Meng: Boycott Colorado Over University Gun Policy
As a proud graduate of the University of Colorado-Boulder, I am appalled by the state law that allows students to keep and carry weapons in some campus housing.
Gabrielle Union: Breast Cancer Awareness and Screening Saves Lives -- at All Ages
"Fear can literally kill you. It killed me." These were the words my close friend Kristen Martinez said to me two years ago, just days before she died of cancer.
Alex Charfen: The Coming Housing Crisis (Yes, Another Crisis)
It may seem bold to be presenting a housing shortage in the middle of what many consider a housing crash; however, the numbers, market conditions and major market inventories are starting to make this startling prediction real.
Jason Salzman: Social Security a Criminal Enterprise? Anyone Disagree?
Why do righty talk-radio hosts love to sit there in silent acquiescence as their guests say that Social Security is nothing but a disaster?
Ira Chernus: November Surprise: "Non-Voters" Will Vote
If the millions of Americans who could vote would actually register and vote, the Romney-Ryan campaign could fold up and go home today. Barack Obama would win in a landslide.

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