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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
You could take a plane, but that's not exactly fun -- especially given the frequency of delays at Toronto International. You could take a car and drive on the Trans-Canada highway, but that is a serious commitment and a seriously long road. You could even take a boat, but the Northwest Passage is notoriously hard to maneuver.

I propose a simple solution: Take the train.
Fear Of Flying Leaves Boy Stranded
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Pilots Grounded For Cockpit Fight
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More Americans Will Hit The Road This Labor Day
Carolyn O'Donnell: Death, Dirt And Cows In The Holy City Of Varanasi
When I arrived, Varanasi reminded me of a filthy, disheveled Venice, but where Venice is like a living museum, Varanasi teems with life.
Bill Marriott: This Is A People Business
Rick Collins is one of the reasons I love the hotel business.
Oyster: The Best Hotel Pools In New York City (VIDEO)
Rather than sit in an air-conditioned office, we figured we'd take a dip at one of these six refreshing New York City hotel pools. It was either this or prying open fire hydrants.
Fathom: 10 Chicago End Of Summer Musts
Many locals will tell you that summer is the main reason -- the only reason -- we stick it out through Chicago's long and brutal winters.
Travelzoo: 7 Affordable Late Summer Getaways (PHOTOS)
The same places that cost a tanned arm and a leg in the middle of summer get much cheaper once the calendar turns to mid-August.

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