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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Most of us would love to get celebrity advice on success and weight loss, but when it comes to specific health habits — don't even bother.

When there's pressure to always look your best for the public eye and resources to get the best trainers out there for your personal and physical health, some celebrities continue to fall into bad health habits.
16 Reasons Fall Sex Is The Best
Tofu And Steak For Babies?
How Food Labels And Dinner Plates Could Help Us Eat Healthier
Kids Tasting Ice Cream For The First Time
10 Uncommon Superfoods
Meghan Pearson: I've Been Through Hell, and Have No Fear
My name is Meg, and I have been riding a roller-coaster ride of emotional upheaval, life-changing experiences and personal development for a few years now. I was bankrupt, unemployed, and depressed. My father was ill with frontotemporal dementia and ALS. My fiancé and I had called off our wedding less than four months before the big day. But I persevered. Now I am using my experience to share with others.
Susan Ponting: The Latest in Mammogram Technology
On the day of my own yearly mammogram, a grumpy technician walks into the cold, dark room and begins, ever so nonchalantly, to wrestle one of my poor boobs into submission and I wince. Yet in spite of the wild indignation that having my breasts squished conjures up in me, I thank God for these technicians and radiologists because without them, we'd all be a lot worse off.
Romeo Vitelli: Are Suicide Rates Declining Worldwide?
Although collecting health statistics across the world can seem almost impossible because of political unrest, economic problems, wars, and simple bureacracy, the World Health Organization has been collecting mortality statistics since the 1950s for most countries. Are suicide rates declining worldwide?
Tikva Hecht: Taylor Swift Taught me to Start Saying "Never"
The radio's been playing Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" over and over for weeks. As Taylor Swift demonstrates with a vengeance, you damn well better start saying Never. And not just Never to wasteful things and negative influences but Never to people and prospects you greatly admire, even love, would trade your right arm to be connected to. Internalizing that is probably one of the most important things I've gained from my twenties.
Louisa Jewell: The One Thing You Absolutely Need to Be Successful
Often times we only hear about highly successful people after they have become successful so we are unaware of their struggles to the top. Defined as perseverance and passion for long-term goals, grit is the new black when it comes to achieving success. These findings on grit are encouraging reminding us that no matter what our background, what school we went to or our IQ score, hard work and perseverance can make us successful.

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