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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
From musical instruments picked up in childhood to obsessions with crossword puzzles, sailing and unicycling, we found 19 comedians and comedic actors who have revealed their not-so-secret side projects and talents. Some of them even found the time to join punk and new wave bands in the 80s (we're looking at you, Gervais and Ferguson). FULL STORY
WATCH: Stewart Rips Hannity, Palin For Middle East Hypocrisy
WATCH: Colbert Rips Romney's Tone-Deaf Response To Libya
You've Never Seen Marge Like This Before
WATCH: Suddenly, The News Is Fun
Ilana Wiles: 10 Reasons Third Trimester Is Kind Of Awesome
Can't think of anything good about your third trimester except that it's almost over? Let me help...
Jeff Danziger: The 47 Percent
Maria Heinegg: New York Post Columnist's Fat Hate Rant Targets New SNL Cast Member
New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser is mad that you're fat. And she's mad that he's fat and that she's fat, oh, and you too. If you are fat or even chubby, Andrea Peyser is mad about it.
Todd Hartley: I'm With Stupid: Taxing My Feeble Grasp of Math and Percentages
All conservatives seem to talk about is Reagan, so I just naturally assumed that taxes were really low during his presidency. Then I made the mistake of looking stuff up.
Lance Gould: College Football's Cupcake Problem
There are 124 programs in NCAA football's highest level of competition. And yet instead of playing each other every weekend, many of these gargantuan schools schedule games with teensy opponents from the NCAA's weaker division, looking to line up easy victories.

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