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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012
One of our favorite recurring themes on Reddit is the ever-baffling "Thing I Just Came Home To" post. It seems as though users of the social site are constantly stumbling upon bizarre, adorable or awesome things in their homes, and the pictures consistently make us laugh.

We've gathered some of our favorites for your perusal. SPOILER ALERT: Dogs and cats do bad things while you're gone.
Sexiest Coffee Ever
'Seinfeld' Star Opens Up About Infamous N-Word Tirade
WATCH: Bill Maher's New Rule Rages Against One Particular Machine
WATCH: Conan Takes His Elisabeth Hasselbeck Protest To The Next Level
7 Sites You Should Be Wasting Time On Right Now
Michael Kupperman: Talkin' Bout Star Wars
Jeffrey Campagna: Watch: Leave Mitt Romney Alone!
Mimi Imfurst is no Obama Girl yet, but with 30,000 views in one day, this is today's best new thing in politics.
Tom McNichol: The Gospel of Mrs. Jesus
And it came to pass that Jesus returned to his hometown of Nazareth, and his disciples followed him. In the crowd was the one Jesus favored the most, the woman who was his wife. No one knew her true name. Someone called her Mary once and she got really mad, so everyone just called her Mrs. Jesus.
Liz Kozak: The 10 Types of Moms on Facebook
If you spend as much time on Facebook as I do, you've noticed a recent influx of proud moms posting kid pictures and updates about the new school year. While so much is brand new with the kiddos, I can't help but notice some patterns emerging...
Lori Day: The Email You 'Write But Don't Send,' and Then Send Anyway
Why oh why did I click 'Send'?

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