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Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012
Ever wondered what goes on behind the nation's closed doors? Or rather between the nation's bedsheets, behind those closed doors?

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Unusual Exercises To Boost Your Autumn Fitness
Why You Should Never, Ever Date an Anonymous Blogger
10 Of The Best Autumn Walks In Britain (PICTURES)
Downton Abbey Etiquette: 20 Dos and Don'ts For Ladies
Sarah O'Meara: Give Me Page Three Models Over 'Celebrity News' Any Day
This tired, out-dated crusade against Page Three comes at a time when the rest of mainstream media is actively conquering and exploiting a far more insidious form of female objectification. While feminists feebly fight the Sun, the online titillation monster grows daily, snatching bite-sized chunks of celebrity bikinis from the hands of news publications and serving them up to whomever types 'Kim Kardashian' and 'bikini' into Google.
Aimee Wood: Lady Gaga's Body Revolution - Should We Accept Obesity?
Amongst the photos posted on Lady Gaga's platform, hundreds show obese bodies. Women and men want to feel happy in their oversized bodies and I just don't know how to feel about it, but I know something in the back of my health-conscious mind is telling me it's wrong.
Claire Watt-Smith: Cracking the Fashion Industry and the Things That Matter Most
I wanted to create something from scratch that I could be proud of. My dream had always been to build a British luxury lifestyle brand that was the antithesis of the prevailing fast fashion trend at the time and I felt that then was my opportunity.
Eleanor Doughty: Autumn Essentials: Cool Clutches
I have always felt that a lady carrying a clutch looks more together, like she knows where she's going and doesn't need the safety of a larger bag. A clutch bag to me was always more of an occasion piece, something for parties and night out, not for a simple shopping trip.
Andrew Flanagan: Are Neglected Children Falling Through the Child Protection Net?
A survey of social workers published in Community Care today, in partnership with the NSPCC, reveals that just one in 10 were confident that children suffering neglect were being properly protected.

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